Batin Kemuning Dance



Batin Kemuning is a new creation of Malay dance, created by Irianto Catur and performed by Riau delegation for the Nusantara Dance Parade (a national-wide traditional dance competition) in 2007.

The word “Batin” was a title for ruler of the land, which is during the kingdom Keritang in Kemuning realm. For decades Keritang was led by a woman. The dance describes the dynamics of people’s behavior and actions from supporting until criticizing.

Batin Kemuning Dance from Riau mainly performed for welcoming guests as an entertainment. This dance has malay dance technique and a fast and agile movements, with jumps and turns. It also uses the play of directions, from feet movements, body head movements, and positions.

Penata musik : armen swandi

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