Internationales Fest im Dominikanerkloster, Frankfurt am Main

Pada hari senin tanggal 10 Juni 2019 dalam rangka hari pentakosta, grup tari Pesona Indonesia & Friends memeriahkan acara Internationales Fest di Dominikanerkloster, Frankfurt am Main.

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KHG Darmstadt – KMKI Hessen : Vorstellung über Indonesien

On 26th of May 2019 group dance Pesona Indonesia & Friends took part on presenting Indonesian culture to students from KHG Darmstadt (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde). This event was organized by KHG Darmstadt with KMKI Hessen (Indonesian Catholic student organisation) in holding a good relationship with each other. Other than the dance itself, there’s also Indonesian cuisine […]

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Our Biggest Event: Sendratari Candra Kirana

ENGLISH Dance theater Candra Kirana is a modern interpretation from one of many versions of folklore “Panji Sumirang”, popular in Java and Bali. In celebrating International Dance Day and Kartini’s Day, who was heroine in feminism and female’s equality in Indonesia, we want to put forward the character Candra Kirana, which represents independent, dauntless and […]