Pasar Senggol – DIG Köln e.V

Pasar Senggor is an annual bazaar hosted by the organisation Deutsch-Indonesische Geselschaft (DIG) eV Köln where indonesian culture in culinaries and arts being introduced and showed to german spectators in the city Cologne. This year the event was fortunately organised on 11 September 2021 and supported by the Consulate General of Indonesia in Frankfurt. In addition, the event also celebrated DIG’s 70th anniversary.

In the showcase, there are various performing arts like music performances, pencak silat, and traditional dances which we took part in! Pesona Indonesia and Friends showd off the Bapang Dance from East Java and Enggang Dance from East Borneo.

Other performance include: Tari Ngarojeng, Tari Saman, angklung music group ANSA, Pencak Silat, musician Reiner Scheunemann drom music group Londo Jowo Kabeh.

media publications:–Jerman

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