1 Year Anniversary of Dance Theatre Candra Kirana

More than 50 dancers and crews who are still passionate and care about Indonesian culture participated in Sendratari Candra Kirana in Frankfurt am Main on 28 April 2019. It was successfull, was praised by the audience, and had a re-run in Gießen on 19 October 2019. Today we celebrated the first anniversary of the biggest ever Indonesian collaborating dance performance in Frankfurt am Main area and our first dance theatre production.

The show consisted of many dancers and casts from various background; from students, employees, and children. We started the journey from November 2018 with a tryout, built concept and creative products along the way until the day we closed our curtains. We deeply thank these people for realising our dream, not only their enthusiasm indulges us, they became our family.

We would also thank cooperating partners and supporters who have helped us facilitated and helped us in the process; Evangelische Indonesische Kristusgemeinde Rhein-Main, Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt, Internationales Theater Frankfurt, BOKI Dive and Homestay, KMKI Hessen, PPI FraDa, PPI Gießen.

This performance was our first dance theatre and maybe the start of many more.

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